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Membership & Registration


We are currently at 550 Registered Band Members! with a rough estimate of 280 men and 270 women.

As of right now Nadleh Whut'en, does not issue any status cards. Our Membership Clerk is working with INAC to get status cards in for the community members.

For your membership needs, please see Theresa Nooski at the Band Office. She is available to help you with Status Cards, new member registrations, etc. Please call the Band Office to set up an appointment, at 250-690-7211 Ext. 102.

For those interested in switching to Nadleh Whut'en Band, there is a two year wait list to be accepted as a Band Member. The first step is to write a letter and send directly to the Membership Clerk. It will be stamped the day it is received. When two years have passed and the applicant is still interested in becoming a Nadleh Whut'en Band Member, they will attend and Band Meeting to explain why the wish to become a Band Member.

For information on Secure Certificate Of Indian Status (SCIS) forms, please click on the link below

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