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Nadleh Fire Department

Protecting the community

Nadleh Whut’en Volunteer Fire Department News We are still looking for those interested in joining the fire department to do so. Applications can be had from me, Jerry Holm, or see Jessica at the Reception Desk. We just had an inspection of the Firehall, building and gear. The building needs a major cleaning, and the old gear needs to be stored elsewhere so that the cleaning can actually be done. Could also use some paint on the inside once the cleaning is done. The inspector was pleased with the new Turn-out Gear and other equipment, just disappointed in the number of volunteers. The inspector also said that we need a new truck, which I have already submitted to the Chief & Council for consideration. Our truck is currently a 1995 Topkick model. It still works but has out-lived its certification. There will be a truck inspection done in the next few weeks by a Hub certified mechanic. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind people to open up their stoves burn their fire hot for 15 minutes at least 2 times each week. ** Don’t just burn your stove at the lowest damper setting, as that is what causes the soot buildup and possible chimney fires.** Burn kindling and cardboard to accomplish this. This will keep the chimney clean and prevent chimney fires. If your chimney needs cleaned contact Jackie, and she will contact Arnold, Peter or myself to do it. If you chose to clean it yourself, be careful as roofs can be very slick this time of year with frost and moisture. Enjoy the transition into winter, and be safe.

Jerry Holm, N.W.V.F.D.


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