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Nadleh Koh


Tanya Stump

Early Childhood Educator/Coordinator


Jayne Cresswell

Early Childhood Educator Assistant & Cook


Fully Licensed preschool program for 30 months to 5 year old children of Nadleh.

Operates from Monday to Thursday 9 am to 12 pm.

We follow the 6 components of AHS

  • Culture and Language

  • Education

  • Parent Involvement

  • Social Support

  • Health 

  • Nutrition

Nadleh Koh also has a Outreach aspect which promotes parents, family and community involvement in the program. The most popular activities include community kitchens and facilitated parenting programs.

We partner with multiple resources such as Carrier Sekani Family Services:

  • COHI (Community Oral Health Initiative)

  • ASCD (Aboriginal Support Child Development)

  • Speech and Language Pathologist 

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Maternal Child Health

Nadleh Health Centre:

  • Health Nurse

  • Staff to assist with health care needs

Fraser Lake Health Unit:

  • Early Learning

Nadleh Koh: About Us
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